We offer a full range of Interior Design services from concept to completion, and everything in between.

While projects may vary in scope, the process is always the same.

Laying the Groundwork

In the early phases of a renovation or new-build project, we work closely with architects and contractors to help our clients re-imagine their space to maximize its potential. We might suggest moving a window over, opening a walkway a bit more, or even change a door-swing to accommodate selected furniture pieces and create an optimal, customized traffic flow. With this, we can tweak existing plans just enough to very specifically accommodate the client – their lifestyle, heirloom furniture, storage needs, family dynamic and decorative vision for the space – in ways not previously thought possible. (Or, in ways not thought of at all!)

Adding the Finishing Touches 

To finish any space we source (and custom design) our furnishings, window treatments, area rugs, wall coverings, decorative objects and wall décor locally and beyond – tapping into the abundance of resources within the design trade industry. Tapper Richards Interiors has an invaluable team of local crafts-(men and women), workrooms providing custom refinishing, fabrication and upholstery, lighting design and even our amazing antiques shops to put together a space that is curated specifically with our clients’ taste and interests in mind.


Naturally, each project is a little bit different, and many designers won’t tell you up front what their services will cost, but I have been doing this long enough to know that you might just like to have an idea of what our design fees look like.  For additional pricing information tailored to your project, please CONTACT US.

Complete Room design


This Full-Service Package is suited for a full-room renovation or re-design.  Includes all client and contractor meetings, additional communication specifying and coordinating with contractors, design work and a full-service installation and reveal – essentially and all of the design work that your space needs.  Minimum client budget for furnishings, accents and décor – $35K per room.

partial space design


Perfect for smaller scale projects, when your space already exists in some capacity, but needs an update – small tweaks, new furniture and décor elements.  Includes all client meetings, design work and a full-service installation and reveal.  Minimum client budget for furnishings, accents and décor – $15K per room.

Kitchen & Bath design


Kitchen & Bath projects involve a lot of details and require a lot of decisions – not to mention the communication and coordination with trades and showrooms.  For clients looking to renovate without feeling lost or overwhelmed, we will provide the guidance needed to execute a full remodel of your kitchen or bathroom.  Space planning and specific selections for flooring, fittings, appliances, tile, cabinetry, finishes, surface materials, hardware, lighting, décor, paint colors, window treatments, organizational elements and special finishing touches will be specified and shown in a series of plan, elevation and rendered, 3D drawings.  You can feel confident in your choices, and excited about the outcome.  Flat rate fee includes design and specification, project management, site visits and client/contractor coordinating.

**All Kitchen Designs include a pre-demo and post-remodel organizing sessions.  Tackling that aspect of the project is something you just might want a hand with because moving out of and moving back into a kitchen is no small feat.  With 15 years of organizing experience, we can do that for you!

new construction / remodel space plan


Hand over your plans and architectural drawings, and we will consult on furniture placement, traffic patterns, lighting placement and fixture suggestions, paint colors, architectural details, and many other elements that deserve attention.  We provide 3-D views of interior spaces to show how your space will look and flow.  This serves to confirm and solidify pre-construction decisions that can sometimes overwhelm homeowners.  Your new space will be optimized for flow and efficiency as well as aesthetics and ambiance.  With this solid ground, you’ll be able to make decisions quickly and confidently.  This service does not include exact selections for design elements, such as: furniture, accents, décor or accessories, but it can…we can customize a design plan to suit your needs.

designer for a day – consultation


Perfect for smaller scale projects, where the scope is limited to very few design elements and retail / online sourcing.  This is perfect for clients who intend to execute the design plans on their own, but need a nudge in the right direction.   Reach a consensus, get an expert opinion, be pointed in the right direction and end up confidently closer to your project’s completion.  This value-packed, 4-hour design session will take place on-site, and involves live online shopping, ordering, guidance and suggestions, paint colors and design material resources.


To enhance the experience of our Design Project Clients, we offer the following:

professional organizing services

Hourly Rate $95/hour 3-hour minimum/session

We work hand-in-hand with the client On-Site to create an Organized, Efficient and Well-styled space.  Whether you’re moving into a new space and just need to unpack, or preparing to move or embark on a renovation project, we can help with the organization to help keep you sane.

**This service is included in all of our Kitchen Renovation projects, where we help to pack up your space before the renovation, and unpack to re-populate your new kitchen after the renovation is complete.

Styling services

$750 / 4-hour appointment

For our previous or existing Design Project clients, who aim to keep their main furnishings, but looking to refresh small accent pieces and accessories.


Let’s chat more about your project, CONTACT US!