Tapper Richards Interiors will take care of your project, your space and you from the early design phases through to the fluff of a throw pillow and the twist of a light bulb.

1. Book Discovery Phone Call

Let’s chat about your project in more detail – inspirations, goals, budget, time frame, and more.

2.  Initial Meeting

We will meet with you in the space to discuss your tastes and personal style as well as all project considerations.

3.  Project Kick-off!

The Scope of Work, and associated Design Fee are agreed upon in our Letter of Agreement, and we’re ready to get designing!

4.  The Presentation

{This is when it starts to get exciting!!}  We get to meet again, and this time see all of the work and designs we have assembled for your project.

5.   The Execution

{This is when it might start to get a little (eh, uh,) boring for the client, but we are busy behind the scenes.}  Clients will sit back while we handle all aspects of the design and project execution to ensure completion in a timely fashion and on budget.  Handling this phase of the project always saves our clients a lot of time and frustration.

6.   The Installation

At last, The “Big Reveal.”

7.  The Final Meeting & Photography

We finalize the project with a kit of information, warranties, instructions or spare parts professional for your new pieces and often have the finished space photographed professionally.

A HUGE Thank You to our Client.  Fortunately, the vast majority of our clients return to us for future projects, so the end of one project is rarely good-bye.